multimedia kiosks

Enrich the exhibition of your product, increase the sales and the engagement
of your customers with the multimedia kiosks and a dedicated mobile app.

Mobi-Stand multimedia kiosks on conferences and congresses

iPad tablet installed in an elegant multimedia kiosk will draw people’s attention at every business event or conference. It does not matter if you use it to present products or your own company Рthe interest is almost guaranteed. While using the highest quality materials it is almost impossible to destroy or damage the product. Our safety elements will protect it from being stolen or damaged. Additional ways of branding Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks makes them individual and adapted to your needs. To make the stands complete on conferences, we offer a dedicated conference app РMobi-Stand Conference, which engages participants and turns the event into a unique experience.


What are the benefits of using Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks?

  • An interactive app engages the user and allows him to choose the information he is interested in
  • The app gathers opinions and statistics which show individual subjects and their interest
  • The presentation located in the Mobi-Stand kiosk can be an advertisement carrier, therefore, an additional income source.
  • The kiosk makes the process of gathering contacts easier and automatic
  • The participant, who actively takes part in a conference (participating in surveys, evaluation or contests) will be more loyal and devoted.