multimedia kiosks

Enrich the exhibition of your product, increase the sales and the engagement
of your customers with the multimedia kiosks and a dedicated mobile app.

Using multimedia kiosks to present and sell products

Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks, equipped with iPad tablets, are fast and have a high level of reliability – they can easily be used to present products effectively. Turning pages of a thick catalog with products can be tiresome and discouraging. Thanks to the Mobi-Stand kiosks you can not only originally present your products, but also show their practical application and projects. Stores which organize promotional actions can enrich them with interactive elements, regardless of their line of business. In perfumeries, customers will be able to view make-ups made with a certain beauty product by using a dedicated app. Sports shops can present materials with an exemplary use of some equipment. In bridal salons a customer can go to a virtual dressing room where she will find the perfect dress, especially for her.

We will tell you how to use the stands in your line of business.


What are the benefits of using Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks?

  • Videos and animations give the opportunity to present product characteristics – it is much more difficult or maybe even impossible to demonstrate those at the fairs.
  • Tablet presentations are perfect tools for traders who will not be overloaded with advertising materials.
  • While talking to a customer, a trader is able to create specifications for a personalized offer.
  • The offer can be shared electronically with clients – it eliminates print and distribution expenses. It also eliminates the expenses of updating the traditional out-of-date materials.
  • Thanks to the app, the trader will not be able (even unconsciously) to omit any stage of the sale process.
  • The app’s CMS minimizes the time and cost of updating presentations and trade materials.