multimedia kiosks

Enrich the exhibition of your product, increase the sales and the engagement
of your customers with the multimedia kiosks and a dedicated mobile app.

Galleries and museums

Mobi-Stand fits perfectly into the atmosphere of museums and galleries. Thanks to our product, every exhibition will be enriched with multimedia information. Tablet is a perfect place to present the historical background of an era, show data regarding an author, pictures or other works of a certain author. Enriching an exhibition with interactive elements will surely make it popular.

What are the benefits of using Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks?

  • A presentation gives visitors additional multimedia content regarding the objects viewed – this makes the exposition more attractive
  • Multimedia presentation has its effect on the sense of vision, touch and hearing – it engages the visitor to a greater extent and allows him to enjoy the content more completely
  • Interactive presentations allow the visitor to decide which additional content he wants to see
  • Multimedia content can be shared electronically as an additional value to the already bought publications