multimedia kiosks

Enrich the exhibition of your product, increase the sales and the engagement
of your customers with the multimedia kiosks and a dedicated mobile app.

Multimedia kiosks at information desks and in offices

Tourists or suppliants of all sorts of informational desks ask a lot of questions. Mobi-Stand mobile information posts with a dedicated mobile app will help people in answering a lot of these questions. This is a great place to check current job offers in offices, departure hours of trains at train stations, acquaint oneself with the regulations on airports, check the localization of your favorite store in a shopping center or check schedules at universities. Mobi-stand multimedia centers can be a stand-alone post or can be attached to an information board or directly to a wall.

What are the benefits of using Mobi-Stand mobile multimedia kiosks?

  • Mobi-Stand information kiosk provides information in many languages
  • A search engine implemented in the app speeds up the access to the searched content
  • Using the app provides the ability to update the information quickly and decreases the service cost
  • It allows to send the selected content to the supplier’s e-mail address