multimedia kiosks

Enrich the exhibition of your product, increase the sales and the engagement
of your customers with the multimedia kiosks and a dedicated mobile app.

Using Mobi-Stand kiosks at trade fairs

Trade fairs are one of the most willingly used ways of acquiring customers as well as business partners. Anyone who took part in trade fairs at least once, knows that being present at those fairs is not enough to draw attention and get remembered by potential customers. You think about how to interest a customer in your products as early as at the stage of preparing a stand. In the age of mobile technologies, development, traditional forms of advertisement, such as posters, roll-ups or TV commercial do not build the expected interest. Currently, companies search for ways of engaging customers. Addressing the expectation of customers we are offering you the Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks and our proprietary app – Mobi-Stand Show, which certainly will draw attention to your offer – regardless of your line of business.

kioski multimedialne, infokioski, zastosowanie na targach handlowych

What are the benefits of using Mobi-Stand mobile-multimedia kiosks?

  • Multimedia content of the presentation ensures that your offer will be presented in a fuller way, than it would be while using traditional, content-limited marketing forms.
  • Mobi-Stand frees from the limitations of the exhibition area while presenting the assortment – at the same time, videos and animations give the opportunity to present the product characteristics, and it is much more difficult to demonstrate those at the fairs.
  • Mobi-Stand and the application inform about your offer, while company representatives are busy talking to other customers
  • Presentations, which can be viewed on a tablet become a perfect tool for traders to use at trade fairs
  • Mobi-Stand multimedia kiosks placed outside the stand increase the range of the offer